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Effective treatment of diabetes is possible, even in difficult cases.

Turn the ADA protocol on its head! Avoid hypoglycemia--an expected and common adverse consequence of that ADA protocol! The Illa Protocol, carefully developed, theoretically sound, and -- most important -- significantly more effective than ADA, achieves control without hypoglycemia, without strict dietary restrictions, and without an exercise program. Contact Dr Illa to learn more. He can be reached here.
Some time ago I attended a lecture by a physician/researcher who uses an obvious yet uncommon technique to determine what cancer drug treatment will best destroy your cancer cells.

Instead of your oncologist choosing a drug (or combination) that has been effective in the largest percentage of cases of other people who have a cancer like yours, this guy takes a biopsy of your own cancer cells, and in his lab exposes them to a whole array of cytotoxic drugs to find out which are best in killing your particular cancer cells. He then reports this to your oncologist, who can now use the most effective treatment. Makes sense, no? Click here.

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